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Everyone has something to offer and so why not share that ‘something’ and become a Volunteer at Headway East Northants?


It’s a great idea for so many reasons. Not only will you help improve quality of life of a brain injury survivor, but you’ll also benefit those in the local community, open up opportunities for development of skills, get some time to socialise with our terrific team, and above all, have fun doing it. There really is so much to gain in return!


Whether you’re creative with materials or craft, have a musical skill, enjoy games, puzzles or gardening, or simply enjoy socialising, we would LOVE to hear from you, regardless of whether you have an entire day to spare or just an hour or two.  


You’ll not only have fun with a wonderful group of people in a warm, welcoming environment, but you’ll also benefit and enrich someone’s life.


You’ll be welcomed and supported by our friendly and experienced team of staff. Centre visits and ‘taster sessions’ are no problem to arrange.


You don’t have to have experience of working with those with brain injury – it just matters that you’re patient, encouraging and supportive. 



For further information about volunteering at our Centre, please call on 01933 652311 or email our Deputy Manager, Jonny Tudor, on  jonny.tudor@headwayeastnorthants.org.uk




Remember – to make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be beautiful, perfect, brilliant or rich. You just have to care.


Here’s just one example of the difference volunteering can make, both for clients AND for you: 


Volunteer Dave, who’s been with us since August of 2018. Dave has settled in really well at HEN, and his guitar sessions on Tuesday mornings are proving very popular, both with experienced players and novices. 


The sessions are fun and informal, with all genres of music enjoyed. Everyone is encouraged to “have a go” regardless of ability or experience, and our clients have really impressed Dave with the speed at which they’re picking things up. 


Dave says, “It’s a lovely feeling to see a client’s confidence boosted and to be a part of making that happen.”

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