Sunflower lanyards - supporting those with hidden disabilities when travelling

For those with a ‘hidden’ disability, such as ABI, travelling can be a very stressful experience. Crowded, noisy, bright environments like airports or stations can be frustrating enough places for any of us, let alone someone also trying to manage issues with fatigue, alongside cognition/communication/memory impairment.



That’s where these sunflower-print lanyards come in.



They’ve been specially designed to be worn by those who require a little extra support, time and patience on their travels, making staff members aware of those extra needs effectively, yet discreetly.



The lanyards are recognised throughout the UK – in fact, Manchester Airport even has its own ‘Sunflower Room’, where affected holidaymakers can escape the crowds and noise to recharge.



The lanyards are available to purchase cheaply online, such as Amazon or EBay. What a great way of making sure that EVERYONE can enjoy their travels!



To find out more about sunflower lanyards, please visit

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