This year we were joined by some amazing people on our 'Team HEN' group of runners, all of whom successfully completed the Virgin 2019 London Marathon, and making phenomenal efforts for our charity, both in terms of the physical training and financial fundraising. We cannot emphasise enough how much we appreciate what the guys have done for us - all of this, on top of juggling busy jobs and family/home life commitments. 


We had a fantastically diverse mix of runners this year, including childminders, maths teachers, doctors and business directors. Some of the guys had run for us before (or run marathons elsewhere previously), but for quite a few others, this was their first Marathon ever! 



HEN Manager, Claire Phillips, and Admin & Fundraising Coordinator, Becky Lake, travelled down to London the day before Race Day to support the Headway UK 'Pasta Party' , an informal get-together for runners before race day to swap stories and tips, ease nerves and carb-up! It was inspirational listening to people's journeys to Race Day.


Next, they were up bright and early at the Headway cheering at mile 6.5, just around the corner from the iconic 'Cutty Sark' in the heart of Greenwich. The atmosphere was incredible - the whole capital was buzzing with positivity and Claire and Becky were thrilled to spot so many of our runners.


Collectively, this team of amazing people have raised over £45,000 for Headway East Northants - and we're still counting! Just think of the amazing things we can do for our clients with such funds!


We’ve enjoyed updating our social media channels about our marathon runners and their efforts, so you may already be aware of some of the ’goings on’.  It’s impossible to list everything that our runners arranged as part of their fundraising efforts, but here are just a few examples of the imaginative, engaging events the guys organised to boost their fundraising endeavours.



If this has got you feeling inspired and you're interested in taking part in the 2020 London Marathon to run for Headway East Northants, get in touch! 


Please email Becky Lake, Admin & Fundraising Coordinator, on








Latest News

An INCREDIBLE London Marathon 2019!

Team HEN were nothing short of phenomenal in this year's Virgin London Marathon! 


Each and every runner did an amazing job for us, battling on through shin splints, aches, pains and even lost toenails (OW!) to finish those 26.2 miles for us. We were bowled over by the efforts everyone went to, not only with the intensity of the physical training, but also their creative and imaginative ideas for fundraising, all on top of juggling work and family commitments. Each of them needs a superhero cape! 


So far we have raised over £45,000 and we're still counting! It's just amazing, and we will be able to continue enriching and supporting the lives of those managing ABI with this superb amount of money raised.


We will shortly be posting some great photos from this special event so watch this space! If you're interested in running for us next year - get in touch! 


Hats for Headway, Friday 24th May!


Next Friday 24th May is the national 'Hats for Headway' fundraising day, so if you are interested in helping raise a few pennies for our centre and spread awareness of our charity, why not encourage your friends and family to take part?!


Go as wild and wacky as you like - you could even design your own head gear, a la Philip Treacy!


If you take part - make sure you send us some photos! 


Thank you so much!  



'Life After Brain Injury' conference, 20th June 2019


This conference, arranged by ABIF Northants, will be held at Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering and will cover working/driving after brain injury, social benefits, and bringing young people together


Guest speakers will include experienced professionals and survivors who will share their personal journeys. 


To book, please visit 'Latest News' at to download and complete a booking form which can then be emailed to