Dr Keith Jenkins, Chair


Keith Jenkins is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist. He is committed to providing the best possible services and support for people with an acquired brain injury through the work of Headway East Northants.   Click here to read more. 

Barbara Woodbridge, Treasurer


Barbara qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and specialises in claiming compensation for people who have an acquired brain injury.    Click here to read more.

Lynne Couzens, Trustee


Lynne worked as a Speech & Language Therapist at St Andrews Healthcare, prior to her retirement.

Mary Lees, Trustee


A social work manager, now retired, Mary initially qualified in medical social work at Southampton University and first worked in a London Hospital. In 2009, Mary was delighted to be invited to become a Trustee of Headway East Northants.  Click here to read more.

Les Hurwood, Trustee


An engineer by trade, and having worked in various London schools, Les retired in early 2016 following an accident the previous year, which resulted in a brain injury.



After recuperation, Les began volunteering here at the centre in Irthlingborough in the woodwork room and still does to this day, having built up a friendly and popular weekly woodwork group session. Such was his success and popularity as a volunteer, that Les was asked to join the Board of Trustees for Headway East Northants, a role he was delighted to accept.



Les's strong engineering background, volunteering experience, popularity and personal story of brain injury survival all combine to offer an invaluable contribution to both the Board of Trustees, and the Centre itself.



Les says:

“I was an engineer by trade and used to work in various schools in London, commuting each day. Later in my career, I joined a local engineering firm. I have always loved working with my hands – from engineering, to woodwork – you name it.


Then, back in October 2015, I was involved in an accident. Following an MRI scan, it emerged that I’d acquired a brain injury. However it took around two months for physical signs of the injury to begin to show. I felt shaken by the whole experience, and in February the following year, I made the decision to retire.


I later spotted an advert in the local paper for volunteers at the Headway East Northants centre in Irthlingborough and thought “Why not?” So I joined the team as a volunteer (and then later, as a trustee).


Why do I do it? It’s simple – I love it! To see the smiles on clients’ faces when they’ve achieved or made something, and to see everyone here so happy – it just makes everything worthwhile.”


Tim Samples, Trustee and Client of Headway East Northants


Tim is a client of Headway East Northants and has recently accepted an invitation to join the Board of Trustees. He also volunteers at our centre, supporting fellow volunteer Wilson at our Thursday Peer Support Group sessions. 


Tim began attending our centre as a client following diagnosis of benign brain tumours which in turn brought about severe epilepsy, so Tim knows first hand the realities of managing acquired brain injury and the challenges that this can present to an individual and a family. 


Tim is a valuable asset to our board, with very close links to our client base, and is able to provide the board with direct client feedback, ideas and suggestions. 





Wilson Paterson, Trustee and Peer Support Group volunteer


Wilson has become a member of the Board of Trustees, having led our weekly Peer Support Group each Thursday (in which client and fellow trustee, Tim Samples, now also volunteers).


Wilson has a strong professional background and a loved one with ABI and therefore makes a valuable contribution to our board of trustees. 


To read more of Wilson's story with Headway East Northants, please visit


Latest News

Positive Blue Badge changes ahead for those with hidden disabilities

The Blue Badge scheme is currently being reviewed and plans are afoot to extend the Badge to those with less visible disabilities, such as brain injury.


The changes are described as the biggest being made in the scheme in almost 50 years and it's hoped that they will offer a lifeline to people with hidden disabilities who suffer from travel difficulties.


Changes will come into force on 30th August 2019. 


For full details, please visit


An excellent 'Way Ahead' conference


We thoroughly enjoyed attending this year's 'Way Ahead' conference in early July. It was the ideal opportunity to share viewpoints and see the diverse range of services provided for those managing ABI. We also got to meet MP for Rhondda, Chris Bryant, who has been working incredibly hard in parliament to improve aftercare and neuro paths for those with ABI and their loved ones. For more information, please visit 'Staff News'!




Fancy a challenge? Why not try the Northampton Half Marathon for HEN?


If you want to fulfill a personal challenge but find the idea of the London Marathon a bit too daunting, why not consider running the Northampton Half Marathon for Headway East Northants?


The Half Marathon will be held on Sunday 29th September. We've teamed up with 'Go Beyond Sport' who are managing the event - it's free to register and your only commitment is to raise a minimum of £100 for us.


For further details, and to register, please visit